BANKSY Blotter Art

Even thought none of the current blotter art sheets featuring Banksy‘s artwork are officially endorsed by the artist himself, he did say in an interview that he prefers seeing his art on blotter that on auction at Sotheby’s. Which he proved later on by shredding an auctioned art piece that was just sold. Below are all the Banksy related sheets I have in my collection but I’m missing several of them , especially those made in the USA by Zane Kesey. It is to be noted that there are two known editions of the 4 panel balloon girl in yellow: one made by Monkey which is 19.5x 19.5 cm x 900 trips (30×30) and quite hard to find nowadays as it sold out back in 2017, and the one I have which is a smaller German edition (also hard to find) which is 17.5 x 17.5 cm x 400 trips (20×20).

As most of these blotter art sheets are now almost out of stock and become sold out, I find it pretty lame when I see people cutting them up in so called “minis” (Napalm, maid, stop and search, balloon girl 9 and 4 panel are the victims I see most often). So called “minis”, at least the ones I sell, are normally made out of reject or broken sheets that are unsaleable or unframable and are aimed towards people who make scrapbooking or jewelry or accessories with it. Nowadays some people buy 9 panel blotter art sheets just for the purpose of cutting them up and try to pass “minis” as a collectible blotter art item. Minis or shards made from vanity blotter art WILL NEVER become collectible, they will never gain value. All this fad does is destroying artwork for making a few $$ on the back of unsuspecting newbie collectors. I will later on write a full article on this disturbing trend, stay tuned…

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