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Boris Hiesserer’s Interview

You certainly know his double sided artwork “True Sacrament ” which upon release was an [...]

Lucifer’s Interview

Since I know blotter art , I know about Lucifer’s art. Several of his pieces [...]

Kevin Barron’s interview

Kevin Barron made the Holy Grail of blotter art, which I didn’t know before this [...]

Jess P. Dunmyer’s Interview

Fairly new to the blotter art scene, Jess P. Dunmyer has taken the collector’s world [...]

Howie Green’s Interview

Howie Green’s creations are quite famous among blotter art collectors and each serious collection should [...]

Jeff Hopp’s Interview

I don’t think any blotter art collector doesn’t have at least 1 piece from Jeff [...]

Liberty Skrollz Interview

For this second interview, I welcome Liberty Skrollz. I thought I had most of his [...]

KOSAPAN’s Interview

For the first of the series “Blotter Artist Interview” I will start by myself. The [...]


Blotter Art Exhibition The renowned Mexican artist Ziero Muko from Juarez, Chihuahua Is organizing two [...]

Blotter Art on Colored Paper

Most of today’s blotter art is printed on white paper, but there are a few [...]