Howie Green’s Interview

Howie Green’s creations are quite famous among blotter art collectors and each serious collection should have at least 1 of his pieces if not all 9

  • – Can you tell us your real name and artist name?

Howie Green

  • – Date and place of birth, nationality ?

Early 1950s, Western NY, USA

  • – Where do you live now?

I am based in Boston

  • – Can you tell us about your academic / artistic background ?

I graduated from art school with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree

  • – How and when did you discover blotter art ?

It was a recent discovery for me. I was not aware of blotter art until a gallery in the UK wanted to make limited edition prints from my images

  • – How many blotter art pieces did you make ?

I have 9 blotter arts prints that have been published

  • – Who printed and perforated your pieces then and now ?

The prints were done and perforated by BlotterArt, Ltd. ( Editor’s note Paul Guest’s

  • – What do you feel makes blotter art a unique art form ?

There are a lot of ways to reproduce art on paper, canvas, glass, metal etc etc but blotter art is really unique idea for something new on paper.

  • – What has blotter art brought to your creative process?

Nothing specific but I am now aware of being able to do my images as blotter prints

  • – What was your first blotter art creation ?

The WOW print was my first

  • – What blotter art piece you made is your favorite and why?

I like them all a lot but the Magic Bus seems to be the favorite one.

  • – Do you have a blotter art collection besides your own creations? If yes, what is your most valuable piece?

Actually, I just purchased my first print by another artist but it has not arrived yet

  • – What blotter art piece you didn’t make is your favorite and why?

I love the prints that have been done by John Van Hamersveld. I have been a fan of his work for a long time and it’s fun to see him doing blotter prints

  • – Which other blotter artist do you like/admire?

I’m a huge fan of Buff Monster and I would love to add one of his prints to my collection

  • – On a collector stand point, vintage vs vanity?

Collect what you love. No one ever knows if anything will ever become valuable.

  • – What is your opinion about people tearing up blotter art to sell shards or so called “minis”?

Not a fan. I would never buy one.

  • – Do you have a website where you sell your blotter art ? If not where can people buy your creations?

My blotter art prints are available through my Pop Art Store at

– Any other favorite site you would like our readers to check out?

Check out my site ! Lots of fun stuff to see. But don’t use your phone because my images need to be seen on a larger screen

  • – Anything blotter art related you would like to add?

Any new media for reproduction is exciting and I am looking forward to blotter art expand and become more popular. When I first started selling my prints no one knew what they were but now most folks seem to be aware of blotter art, so that a good thing!

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