Kevin Barron’s interview

Kevin Barron made the Holy Grail of blotter art, which I didn’t know before this interview. Here is your chance to read more about him and blotter art history.

  • – Can you tell us your real name and artist name?

Kevin Barron

  • – Date and place of birth?

16th May … Too Long Ago … Waterlooville U.K.

  • – Nationality ?


  • – What make you choose your artist name?

I use my real Name but sometimes I’m ELEUSIS.

  • – Where do you live now?


  • – Can you tell us about your academic / artistic background ?

B.A & M.A of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking

  • – How and when did you discover blotter art ?


  • – What drew you into creating your own blotter art ?

Nobody else around to do it at the time

  • – How many blotter art pieces did you make ?

More than 1

  • – Who printed and perforated your pieces then and now ?

A printer in Sausalito, California, now myself

  • – What do you feel makes blotter art a unique art form ?

It has a specific purpose.

  • – What has blotter art brought to your creative process?

I have used it, and continue to use it, as a template for my fine art work.

  • – What was your first blotter art creation ?

Silver and dark blue shields.

  • – What blotter art piece you made is your favorite and why?

Purple and gold ” Shield” signed by Albert Hofmann

  • – Do you have a blotter art collection besides your own creations? If yes what is your most valuable piece?

Well I don’t collect however, I can tell you what I believe is the most valuable blotter. The images below are from my LSD 50th which were released in April 1993. I’m not sure but I think they were the first commemorative blotters for the 50th. 5 sheets of 1000/sheet were dipped but the remaining 2995 sheets were seized by the police when I was arrested. However, I mailed Mark McCloud a proof sheet which is undoubtedly the only one in existence. I figure that has to be the rarest.

  • – What blotter art piece you didn’t make is your favorite and why?

Sorcerer’s apprentice, early piece and the symbolism for LSD

  • – Which other blotter artist do you like/admire?

Don’t know anyone

  • – On a collector stand point, vintage vs vanity?

Vintage. “If it ain’t dipped…”

  • – What is your opinion about people tearing up blotter art to sell shards or so called “minis”?


  • – A word about your NFT project?

The NFT Project is a gateway I hope to Introducing others to blotter art

  • – Do you have a website where you sell your blotter art ? If not where can people buy your creations?

My website: LSD25NFT.COM

  • – Anything blotter art related you would like to add?

It’s not about the big square but the small one

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