Jeff Hopp’s Interview

I don’t think any blotter art collector doesn’t have at least 1 piece from Jeff Hopp in his collection. His style is unique and very popular among blotter art connaisseurs. Here again I thought I had all his creations, but I realize I have to go on the hunt for the 3 pieces I’m missing ^_^

  • Can you tell us your real name ? 

Jeff Hopp 

  •   Date and place of birth? 

Waukesha, Wisconsin 

  • Nationality ? 


  • Where do you live now? 

Tempe, Arizona 

  • Can you tell us about your academic / artistic background ?

 Self-taught and university 

  • How and when did you discover blotter art ? 

In 2013 Paul Guest of contacted me and wanted to license my work to make blotter art. He first produced numerous pieces from my art portfolio and then we began creating new pieces specifically for blotter art designs. 

  • what drew you into creating your own blotter art ?

 My artwork was always inspired by the artwork of the psychedelic era of the 60’s and 70’s, especially the posters and album covers, so blotter art is a great fit for my style. 

  • How many blotter art pieces did you make ?

 14 so far. 

  • Who printed and perforated your pieces then and now ?

 Paul Guest until his passing, and Shakedown Gallery for my last two. 

  • what do you feel makes blotter art a unique art form ?

It grew out of a real-life application that represents change space and time of importance. 

  • What has blotter art brought to your creative process?

 There are limitations to making a good design due to its dimensions, size, perforations, etc which changes my approach. I enjoy this process very much. 

  • what was your first blotter art creation ?

 Rainbow King.

  • what blotter art piece you didn’t make is your favorite and why?

 Laguna Orange Sunshine – because it is beautiful, simple and a perfect design for blotter in my opinion (and it was from BEL).  

  • which other blotter artist do you like/admire?

 Mark McCloud and Stanley Mouse. 

  • on a collector stand point, vintage vs vanity?

 I think I create vanity blotters that are inspired by vintage, so that is my favorite. 

  • what is your opinion about people tearing up blotter art to sell shards or so called “minis”? 

I don’t sell minis, but I do have numerous blotter designs that are 9 panels (900tabs), so for customers, I usually send them a mini (100tab 1-panel section torn from a 9 panel) as a bonus item to say thanks when they buy the full-size blotters. Customers really love them as a bonus item, but I don’t wish to sell them that way. 

  • do you have a website where you sell your blotter art? If not, where can people buy your creations?  

  • Any other favorite site you would like our readers to check out?   and

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