The Panoramix, Getafix, Miraculix Blotter Art

French People call them Panoramix (and since I’m french I will call them like that in this blog post), the original name of the druid (Celtic priest turned shaman) in the original editions of Astérix and Obélix by Uderzo and Goscinny. English speakers call them Getafix , While German speakers will prefer Miraculix. This is of course due to the translations of the original comics. The first original design to hit the streets in Europe in the 90’s ( out of Amsterdam Netherlands of course) were the raging Panoramix as seen in the first gallery below. they were single sided and quite potent from what I recall. Later around 2013-2015 came double sided reprints in the European streets. The “Pano 200” supposedly dipped at 200µg . Around 1995 -1998 came the other design with the cauldron (second gallery) soon followed by the same but double sided “Pano 200” still encountered nowadays in European streets. Its to be noted that some original street cauldron Panoramix sheets featured a blue cauldron. Later on several vanity Panoramix sheets emerged on the blotter art market, the most famous being the greenish cauldron Panoramix 20 panel out of UK, pictured in the second gallery below. These sheets are of course only the ones I have in my collection but there are plenty other designs and variations of the Panoramix to be collected and framed.

Update 2022 acquired ORIGINAL DUTCH VINTAGES

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